Keep Up With The Mystery

by Silverslums

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Recorded in the months of January-July 2016 in a makeshift home studio called Spaced Out Joy in Victorville, Ca.


released July 30, 2016

Venny Vargas: Vocals, Synths, Rhodes, Hammond M3, Guitar, Bass, Percussions, Drum Machine
Lauren Vargas: Vocals on tracks 8, 11, 12
Alex Brady: Drums on tracks 2, 6, 7, 9, 11
Shawn Perez: Cover Photo
Esteban Vargas: Cover Design
Skull Mask Design:

Produced and written by Venny Vargas



all rights reserved


Silverslums Victorville, California

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Track Name: Joy In Mystery
question everything
let the wonder
tug on your shoulder
don't let the oblivious
keep you from your imagination

theres infinite bites for the mind to take
so many ideas you should never forsake
go and get high on it all
and fly through the cosmos like a cannonball

the joy in mystery
Track Name: Soul Gold
Bad days, turn into good nights
good days, turn into bad nights

sometimes we want rain to come
sometimes we don't want the sun
clouds to hide behind like a blanket
sometimes not a shadow is needed

We get a little older
we forget a lot of things
we skip old roads to take on new ones
just to pass right by our dreams

Theres still a little gold left in your soul
letting it all unfold
letting it all go
we've grown old
grown old
but we still that gold left in our soul
in our soul
Track Name: Social Evenings
Sound wave belly aches
thundering spinning tapes
tread the floor for your own sake
Mr. and Mrs head dream heavy weights
did the burden eliminate
slipping' sliddin feelin' great

Thank god for all my friends

Purple horse rider
the lonely lone divider
social evenings over nighter
looking in as the outsider
no reason to kill the vibe
night time breeze glide down the mountainside

How bizarre is the beat of this heart?
does it tell the story of who you really are?
how bizarre is the beat of this heart?
does it tell the story of who you really are?
Track Name: Blissed
Lying in a bed of bliss
silk skin, curves, and grace
she warms my cold blood up real quick
spellbound in a mess
Ive never felt this good before

we built this house
all on our own

fortress for you and me
that cant be brought down by anything
go ahead and give it a try

together we struck oil and gold
and others want what we have
but theres a bond so unshakable
all the backbiting won't break this spine

bruised and bloody were the hands
that built these walls where we stand
in this barricade, we'll grow older
while we patiently wait until forever is over
Track Name: Friend Or Foe?
hey man,
keep the pointed fingers to yourself
shame man
you don't know how this really works
grave man
don't you think its time to bury the bone?

Do you really know your enemy?

is it paranoia?
is it self awareness?
i know you hate me so
are you a friend or foe?

Keep the silence to yourself
you're letting it all rot out
this will be a head on collision
so how about you just turn out the lights!
Track Name: Celebrations
So it is, so it goes
we grow tired of what we wanted the most
when your last days come running nigh
don't you cry for what you've lost in your life

got all your celebrations my friend
but would you keep dancing' if the world was to end
would you go back and rebuild the bridges you've lost
or would you sit back and watch them burn down again
can't pretend when it hits the end
can't pretend when it hits the end

we look for something when we don't know what it is
we lose ourselves in our memories abyss
words of wisdom, writings on a wall
will stay unheard if you let it all fall

We are, We are doomed
are we, are we doomed?
Track Name: I Wanna Believe
Space traveler, where are you tonight?
space traveler guided mystery light
there is no proof so people say I'm a fool
I'm out of my mind, I've lost a screw
I can't let it go, I just want to know
So I'm driving up and down looking for u.f.o's
space traveler, where are you tonight?
fixated on the stars until you arrive

I wanna believe

space traveler, where are you tonight?
space traveler, creeping passed the satellite
telescopes have killed my pride
cruise over the moon and shine on bright
ghost of space, we've yet to face
slipping through the stars
way beyond mars
space traveler where are you tonight?
prove I'm not crazy and fly on by

Out on the highway you haunt the sky
you're the question that circles us all
Track Name: Lovebug (Lovebeams)
so easy to love my lady lovebug
lover of my life I sink low without her
She's the smile to my frown, she's more than a friend
Im falling for her every night all over again
Were so cool when we're together
and its so cool to feel forever
how it feels to feel a treasure
just gets better and better

All caught up in your love beams
your company feels like a fantasy
like a dream, binding with your love beams

so easy to love my lady lovebug
the way you play guitar got my brain all shook up
I never danced with luck till the day I met you
we opened some doors, we broke on through
I like the ways your eyes glow
And I like the way you always know
that a pair must always put in work
that its rare that they always work
I know I'm not easy to love, but you're still there

I don't mind sitting at home, sitting at home doing nothing with you
you're so fun, you're so fun, my lovebug
Track Name: Desert Folks
Joshua Tree's looking' over at me
dust in the wind coming round again
have you ever been lost in the desert
have you drifted across the wasteland
city people you say you love it so
gazing at the dry turf through a photo

Desert folks we dance for rain
desert folks we wait for trains
oh how I hate it here but I do love it dear
desert folks driving ourselves insane

we like to get away somedays

in the black nights,
we see the stars a little bit clearer
during the black nights
we tend dream a little bit bigger
there is no color
no rhyme no rhythm going round
people grow tired
before the sun intends on going down

we like to get away somedays
but we always decide to come back
cause deep down we'll always be desert rats
Track Name: Ill Wills
You're just swimming in a sea of your own words
do you have what it takes to keep your head above
Problems, they follow, they follow, they follow
We solve them, they follow, they follow, they follow
but you let them swallow you up
sometimes you give up
you blame it on the bad luck
but thats just how it is man.

Easy Does It.

You let your anger tear you apart
you drive the streets with bitterness on your tongue
Dissatisfaction, It follows, it follows, it follows
Diillusion, it follows, it follows, it follows

You've deprived your piece of mind
dwelling on your wasted time
You can't proceed until you've killed your ill wills
What are you going to do to finally feel happy
Track Name: Desert Flood
desert flood, bring the rain
we've all done wrong no goodness in our veins
I don't wanna be a part of this, I want relief not hard to miss

Flood the desert , bring the rain
but don't sink me, I got these chains
You spend your nights sitting at the bar
I spend my nights on keys and a guitar
Silverslums, what can you do
I can't dig this I bit more than I can chew
I just want to be near minds that move
they push me to keep a groove

Don't second guess the weather
Me and my lady, we'll sail on together

This place is thirsty dried up no mercy
I've got a lot to do before I turn 30
Flood the desert, bring the rain
I've got to build a boat to always remain